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Speaking With the Spirits of the Old Southwest: Conversations With Miners, Outlaws & Pioneers Who Still Roam Ghost Towns by Dan Baldwin, Rhonda Hull, Dwight Hull

The American Southwest is home to dozens of ghost towns with fascinating histories and active spirits. This book shares the captivating spirit communications conducted by Dan Baldwin and Dwight and Rhonda Hull, using pendulums and psychic abilities to make contact with ghosts and help them pass through to the other side.

Psychic Development Classes

Learn how to develop and expand your own intuition, psychic skills and message giving capacity. In this small group format, we will also practice different forms of meditation and grounding  to help us remain centered, balanced and tuned in to our higher selves. No experience is required. Beginner to expert – all are welcome!

This class is held monthly

Next class tentatively Saturday November 17, 2018

from 11am to 1pm

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Dwight, Rhonda and Dan are presenting authors at the 2019 Tucson Festival of Books both Saturday March 2nd & Sunday March 3rd 2019.  This event see's more than 100,000 people over the weekend with lots of activities, food, & great people. 

Hope to see you there!

​​​​Beelieve Paranormal

Messenger Of The Gods
The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that bees were servants and messengers of the gods and goddesses. The Romans believed that a swarm of bees was to be avoided because while the swarm was on the move, they were the carrying messages and doing the biddings of the gods.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that Ra, the sun god, created the honeybee from his tears. The bee was then seen as the messenger of the gods, falling from Ra’s face, down to earth, where she could deliver the messages from the heavens.

The ancient Celts also saw honeybees as messengers between worlds. They considered honeybees bringers of wisdom and revered them for their role in the metaphysical.

If you have unexplained activity and would like assistance, please contact:

Dwight and Rhonda Hull reside near Tombstone Arizona
Beelieve Paranormal created in 2012 by Dwight and Rhonda Hull*

Huachuca City Public Library
Spotlight On Speakers

Dwight & Rhonda Hull
December 13, 2018
10am - 11am
506 North Gonzales Boulevard
Huachuca City, AZ

Tucson Festival of Books
Presenting Authors
March 2nd & 3rd 2019
Stay tuned for more details!

​Investigating history through the voices of those who lived it! 

~ Dwight & Rhonda Hull ​

Out in the Arizona desert, among the crumbling adobe and nearly forgotten ghost towns, the restless spirits of unfortunate souls still lurk, trapped between this world and the next. For years, Dan Baldwin and Dwight and Rhonda Hull have made it their mission to communicate with the spirits, using pendulums and psychic abilities to discover their ghostly secrets and help them pass to the other side.

Discover the secluded spirits of the Courtland Jail in Cochise County, Arizona. Learn about the tragic fate of the miners in the Santa Rita Mountains. Feel the thrill of the investigators' conversation with the ghost of Mattie Earp, the common-law wife of the famous Tombstone lawman.Speaking with the Spirits of the Old Southwest is filled with spine-tingling stories and fascinating historical insights into one of the most spiritually active regions of the world. The authors also share files of the EVPs discussed in the book on their website.

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