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Dwight and Rhonda Hull

Psychic Mediums - Animal Communicator

​This unique husband and wife duo combine their psychic and mediumship abilities to assist both the living and those who have crossed over.

The Hull's purpose of spirit communication is to affirm the continuity of life after the physical person has ceased to be. There is no death…only a new and different form of life.  Their hope is to bridge the gap between this world and the next.

Dwight and Rhonda Hull investigate reported haunting's places ranging from ruins in the desert, to small historic buildings to larger, more well-known locations. Their mission is to investigate history through the voices of those who lived it.

The Hull's  have been featured on television and radio and are the co-authors of two books on the paranormal. Their goal is to empower people across the globe with insight from the afterlife. ​​​​


May 15-17, 2020! 

A Haunting In The Desert VI

Tombstone, Arizona

Tickets go on sale this August!

Featuring Willie Aames

Jennifer Runyon Corman &

​Jim Petonito - Mr. Haunted!

​Messenger Of The Gods

Ancient cultures such as the Romans, The Egyptians,  and the Celts, all believed believed that honeybees were messengers  between this world and the next . The honeybee was considered bringers of wisdom and revered for their role in the metaphysical.

Dwight Hull - Animal Communicator

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