Some of our best EVP's from over the years

Electronic voice phenomenon, sounds on electronic audio recordings interpreted as spirit voices.

Buford House, Tombstone Arizona

We have investigated this haunted home many time over the years. These evp's were captured in 2012 in different areas of the home.

The following EVP was captured at the Buford House May 2018 during a paranormal event.

Gadsden Hotel - Douglas Arizona

We were on the fourth floor looking up the steps that were closed off. As we were talking about what looked like a dead bat in the closed off area(and it wasn’t a bat, it was a black coffee creamer container….lol), a female voice comes in and says “Don’t tell him it’s me”
This evp was captured on the second floor of the Gadsden Hotel in Douglas AZ. We think we hear a female voice saying “What’s wrong with you?” What are your thoughts?
This evp was also captured on the second floor of the Gadsden Hotel in Douglas AZ. The voice is a female asking “Is there something wrong with you?” If nothing else, at least the spirits at the Gadsden are concerned for the guests….

Larian Motel - Tombstone Arizona

EVP captured in room 1 (John Behan‘s room) at the Larian Motel in Tombstone Arizona.
EVP captured in room 6 (Clanton Room) at the Larian Motel in Tombstone Arizona.
EVP captured in room 14 (Cochise Stronghold room) at the Larian Motel in Tombstone Arizona.

Clanton Ranch ruins - Cochise County Arizona

Is there a French woman up at the Clanton Ranch? It appears so! We had heard talk while listening to the evidence but could not make out what was being said…and then we get this.
The second visit to the old Clanton Ranch yielded yet another evp that appears to be the same voice warning us.
Our first visit to the old Clanton Ranch. (Cowboy Headquarters) We were pretty scratched up from the rugged landscape.
This evp was captured in an old forgotten town called Lewis Springs. It’s close to the Clanton ranch. While we were looking for the ranch, we decided to do an evp session. When we asked where the ranch was, we got the response “On the wrong side”. Meaning we were on the wrong side of the river. Very cool.

Cochise Stronghold - Cochise County Arizona

This evp was captured while doing a smudging on a client.
Captured as we told the spirits that we were leaving and asked if they had any messages for us.
Listen closely and you’ll hear “I’m Cochise, Kin-Ku-Kola”
Through research, Kin-Ku-Kola appears to be something like “Come Back Friends” in Lakota. We could not find the direct meaning in Apache.
This evp was captured at council rock.  It’s an amazing capture, and certainly speaks for itself.

Charleston Ghost Town - just outside of Tombstone Arizona

This evp was captured in Charleston AZ. We were talking about how to mark a tree for a return visit, then the gunshot rang out with the words “Bloodshed” following it. *Note* This was not heard at the time of the recording. It was only after playback that this was discovered.
This evp was also captured in what we think is one of the bars in Charleston AZ.
Is this the bartender in Charleston?

John Ringo's gravesite - Turkey Creek near Pearce Arizona

From a few years back as Dwight was talking about where John was actually murdered when the voice is captured on our recorder.

Bird Cage Theater - Tombstone Arizona

Dwight was taking a couple on a tour through the Bird Cage and trying to remember the name of someone who worked there when the voice comes in of Caleb.