Dan Baldwin is a ghostwriter with more than 50 business books to his credit. He is also a novelist who has four published Westerns, two mysteries, a political/crime-thriller, and another mystery in production. He is an avid hiker, especially in Arizona's Superstition Mountains and the Mogollon Rim country. He is a founding member of FIND ME, an international group of psychics, retired and active law enforcement personnel, and Search and Rescue volunteers who have united to find missing persons and solve crimes. His book, FIND ME,covers the group's formation, individual histories of members, and include a how-to section on specific psychic skills.

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Dwight & Rhonda Hull specialize in communicating with the dead through EVP’s.  Searching out history and unresolved deaths —to find the truth. Both husband and wife are world renowned psychics and mediums, as well as  paranormal researchers, and historians,  Dwight specializes in communication with animals, while Rhonda's focus is with human spirits.  Over the past 30 years, the Hull's have helped thousands of people - empowering them to take their homes back, predicting future events and connecting with loved ones on the other side.

The Hull's have been featured on several television shows and news articles. Here are just a few.

KCOR/Vegas Supernatural Digital Radio Show

January 15, 2018


Dwight appeared on Ghost Adventures (paranormal expert)

July 3, 2009


Arizona Oddities

Paranormal Investigators Seek Out Haunted Relics from Old Arizona

October 10, 2012


Arizona Oddies

Abraham Lincoln’s Bodyguard and Other Civil War Soldiers Buried in Southern Arizona

February 12, 2013


The Tombstone Epitaph

From Presidential Escort to Arizona Pioneer

May 2013

Arizona Oddities

George Daves and Petra Edmunds: Tragic Tombstone Love Story May Not Be What It Seems

August 14, 2013


The Tombstone Epitaph

April 2014

Appeal Made to Re-open Ringo Death Case

Sierra Vista Herald

Dare to Enter: Buford House lives up to spooky reputation
Numerous paranormal experiences, investigations reveal that there’s more than mere mortals under the roof

October 29, 2015