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I pre ordered my copy of Speaking With The Spirits Of The Old Southwest. After several months of waiting for the release date I took my time reading it and really enjoyed every chapter. I have been to most of the places they wrote about in this book and they did awesome at making even someone who has not been to them feel like they have. The history behind each destination and the stories of each chapter are so interesting. The way they work together each using their own techniques towards one goal of helping spirits is amazing and to write about it so we can all share this experience is remarkable. Can't wait for the next book!

Amazon Customer

Rhonda, Dwight and Dan did a fantastic job on this book. Even if you have never ventured into the spirit world,
it's easy to follow. They explain everything so well that it doesn't leave the reader wondering.
I can't wait for their next book.

​Patty Lawrence/Amazon Customer

Out in the Arizona desert, among the crumbling adobe and nearly forgotten ghost towns, the restless spirits of unfortunate souls still lurk, trapped between this world and the next. For years, Dan Baldwin and Dwight and Rhonda Hull have made it their mission to communicate with the spirits, using pendulums and psychic abilities to discover their ghostly secrets and help them pass to the other side.

Discover the secluded spirits of the Courtland Jail in Cochise County, Arizona. Learn about the tragic fate of the miners in the Santa Rita Mountains. Feel the thrill of the investigators' conversation with the ghost of Mattie Earp, the common-law wife of the famous Tombstone lawman. Speaking with the Spirits of the Old Southwest is filled with spine-tingling stories and fascinating historical insights into one of the most spiritually active regions of the world. 

Follow the continuing paranormal adventures of Dwight Hull, Rhonda Hull and Dan Baldwin as they explore the history of the Old West by speaking with the best of all possible sources – the spirits of the men and women who lived it. Each fascinating chapter contains full transcripts of their extended spirit conversations, a history of the historical site, historical figures research and details of their sometimes funny, sometimes not-so-funny travels to some of the most haunted sites in the Old Wild West, including the most haunted home in Tombstone, the bloodiest ground in Arizona, an 18th century Spanish presidio and the Superstition Mountains. Readers can also listen to the actual voices of spirits contacted by accessing the authors’ website. Historical research meets paranormal research in a distinctive book that takes a unique approach to learning the legends, lies and lives of the Old West.


I devoured this book! It’s almost like you are in Arizona investigating with them! Their technique is quite interesting in that it affords them instant answers so they can zero in on having a conversation rather than hoping for an EVP to be reviewed later. I love the history of the Southwest and there are tidbits of history scattered throughout the book making it a must read for history buffs and paranormal buffs alike! Some of the spiritual revelations that were made had me in tears. And the lighthearted way it’s written really makes it seem you are sitting next to them in the heat communicating with characters from the past! 


*****Added stars because I loved it so much!