I’ve been coming to Rhonda for guidance since 2014. She truly has an amazing gift. There’s been a number of things that she foresaw in my future that have come true and even the timelines were spot on. She’s the real deal and also a kind soul. I would give you 10 stars if I could, Rhonda! You have helped me tremendously. Thank you! ❤️


Contact: rhondajhull@gmail.com

Email reading turn around 48-72 Hours

In person or phone readings need to be scheduled! 


Rhonda Hull - Psychic Medium, Investigator, &  Author

Rhonda has shared things with me that are absolutely correct! I trust her and always feel lifted up an encouraged by her words! I highly recommend her!
Pamela S.

“Rhonda is a gifted and talented psychic medium. Additionally she is extremely well versed in paranormal studies. A true pleasure to deal with.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"

What a beautiful soul with an awesome gift. Her reading was so accurate. It brought tears to my eyes. My spirit is uplifted
Lynn T.


Rhonda is genuine. She is truthful and kind, positive and honest. I trust her implicitly. Her readings are accurate. You may not hear what you want to but you will hear what you need to in a gentle, reassuring manner.


So, I found out about Rhonda through social media and at first wasn't sure if she was the real deal. So I tested the waters by doing an email reading with her to see how legitimate she was. Needless to say, she made me a believer. I've done a few different readings with her about various things and luckily she's local to me, so I've had the honor of having her to my home. She's told me things I wouldn't believe, much less want to believe. Proof is in the picture, someone who wasn't planning on having another kid anytime soon, Rhonda kept saying I was going to have another child and that child was going to be a girl. Each time I saw her, within the span of a few months she kept asking if I was pregnant. Well, not expecting to be, I WAS shortly after our last meet AND found out it was a girl. She's an absolute gem and a true medium with a lovely soul!!
Robin - Sierra Vista AZ

Rhonda is not  a  doctor or lawyer – for medical or legal expert advice, please consult with a professional!

Rhonda is authentic, kind, and generous! She has been spot on with readings and connecting with Spirits, and encouraging one ti bring their 'gifts' to light!


Rhonda has worked missing person and homicide cases as a psychic detective for more than 10 years. 

She has worked as a volunteer with FindMe as well as in the private sector assisting  law enforcement around the world with amazing detail and accuracy. 

There is never a fee for her services!


Internationally known-Psychic Medium Rhonda Hull

Originally from Portland Oregon, Rhonda has used her gift most of her life.  In fact, she has experienced the “paranormal” since early childhood.  

Unlike many mediums, who consider “ghosts” to be earthbound spirits, Rhonda believe that most spirits have successfully crossed over but return frequently to re-visit their loved ones and favorite places on the physical plane.  

Rhonda is known for her genuine, down-to-earth approach to life that empowers others through her work.  Over the last 17  years, she has helped thousands with her psychic and medium abilities revealing details about her clients lives that bring greater awareness and understanding. 

For nearly two decades she has provided a bridge between the physical and spiritual realities with clients around the globe.  Some of her clients are producers, Hollywood executives, musicians, and celebrities.

Rhonda's gifts include: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clear Knowing or Claircognizance, Psychometry, Remote Viewing, medical intuitive, and Mediumship​

Rhonda has volunteered her services for nearly a decade, as an International Psychic Detective working along side law enforcement, search & rescue with some amazing results.  If you have a cold case you would like assistance with, please contact her at rhondajhull@gmail.com​​

(You must be law enforcement or related to the victim)

Things you should know before scheduling a reading:

Rhonda's mission is to teach people how to make their own connections with guides and loved ones in spirit. and trust their own intuition.

Spirits will sometimes speak to Rhonda in symbolic language or in her minds eye and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what something may mean.  

Be  patient, open minded, and willing to think ‘outside the box’ for the deeper meaning and connection.  

Rhonda may be shown a Bluebird, and will communicate that  to you.  It may not be in reference to a bird at all, but rather that you once lived on Bluebird Drive.  The more open you can remain the deeper and more healing messages you can receive.

While you may be coming to connect with a specific person, someone else may show up instead.  Rhonda doesn't  have control over who comes through.  Our loved ones on the other side know exactly what we need to hear in order to move into a happier  healthier way of being.  We just need to listen.